Cyber crime issues and cures in Bangladesh


In mid-August, Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) arrested cell cellphone repairmen, Sabuj and Madhu. They have been discovered guilty of the usage of their jobs to collect non-public facts and content material from numerous girls.

the two men would take these files from the cell phones of ladies who added them in for restore. they also accessed their IMO messenger apps and ran them in parallel on their very own gadgets, analyzing non-public messages. The duo used all this statistics to blackmail some of ladies.

Cyber crime is on the rise, consistent with numbers from the Police Headquarters.

Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Commissioner Asaduzzaman Mia, responding to a question from journalists at an event on cyber crime in August, said that cyber crime is a growing trend and has become a threat to public safety. The time has come to think of how this crime can be prevented, he added.

“Needless to say, the ability to prevent cyber crime is not yet fully developed, but we are trying,” he said.

A few officials operating on prevention of cyber crime say they face numerous administrative and structural issues. BTRC desires to have the necessary cooperation agreements with fb and Google authorities, they stated. The officers have additionally requested the government to growth the quantity of technical system and trained manpower.

Nazrul Islam, a special public prosecutor (PP) of Cyber Crime Tribunal in Dhaka, told the Dhaka Tribune that not only with phones, there are also a growing number of cyber crimes committed via social media including Facebook. As a result, the number of cases is increasing in the tribunal.

Over 250 such cases are under investigation across the country. Meanwhile there are about 400 cases under trial in this tribunal. About 35% of cases have been settled through trial, PP Nazrul Islam said.

Cyber crime cases

According to the Police Headquarters, 1,417 cases were filed under the Cyber Security Act 2006 from 2012 to June 2017. Police have pressed charges in 748 of these cases and submitted final reports for 179.

Of these, 19 cases were filed in 2012, 48 filed in 2013, 149 in 2014, 303 in 2015, 546 in 2016 and 352 in 2017, up to June.

According to the Cyber Crime Investigation Centre at the police Criminal Investigation Department (CID), different units of police work on cyber crime. However, only CID has a forensic lab to help detect or investigate such crimes.

Cases of cyber crime

The unit received 25 complaints in 2013, when it started. Then in 2014, it increased to over 70. There were 217 complaints in 2015, 575 in 2016 and more than 600 complaints filed in 2017 up to just July. Among them, the majority of complainants were women.

On the other hand, the Cyber Crime unit under the Counter terrorism and Transnational Crime (CTTC) said they had received over 500 complaints since starting the unit, among which they had filed cases after inquiry for 150. Another 55 cases were under investigation.

Cyber crime security

For phone

It’s miles higher to store all of your photos and personal files to a memory card. earlier than giving your phone to repair, save the card someplace secure. If feasible, sign off of all debts within the cellphone earlier and erase contents. otherwise, deploy a cellular app in an effort to make certain that the phone is reset the instant is grew to become on both through SMS or proper after connecting to the internet. this can also hold your personal contents safe if your cellphone is stolen.

It’s better to avoid using open wifi networks standard.

For social accounts

Use lengthy passphrases combining alphabets, numbers and emblems. as an example, “p@ssw0rD” is far better than “password”. Of route, you could and must join words to create a higher period password, which include “this is my password” can be written like this – “th1s1sMyP@ssw0rD”. moreover, a aspect authentication will deliver better safety in case your password is stolen.

Be secure about your social accounts

Staying logged in is risky. If typing passwords is a chore, it’s far higher to apply a grasp password app or software.

Test your privateness settings and activity logs regularly to check for suspicious sports. In case your account is compromised, the culprit is probably hiding any malicious activities after doing so to remain hidden.




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