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What you should eat and drink for a good night sleep?

Sleeping panda

In this century most of us have the sleep problem. We want to sleep well but we can’t. There are things you can do during that time to positively affect your well-being and today you will find out about some meal and drink for better sleep.  

Sleep affects your health

When you don’t get enough rest, your body gets some injury that should get going on. Or, on the other hand else why might you be up late as the night progressed? Your body doesn’t know the distinction between danger or the reality you’ve been up throughout the night watching re-keeps running of The A-Team. All it knows is you’re ready for a few reasons and to now bring your anxiety hormones into play.

Your anxiety hormones, particular cortisol, are essential in little dosages. They’re required with your battle or flight reaction and you require them in the event that it comes to fighting off a saber tooth tiger or in this day in age bouncing off the beaten path of a rebel Uber driver.

If this sleep effect remains same and constant stress hormone exposure can cause:

Heart Disease

Heart Attack






Access angriness


Now see which foods you shouldn’t eat before sleeping

Fruits: Before sleep, you shouldn’t eat fruit. It can cause gas in your stomach. Sometimes for gas, we feel chest pain and can’t sleep. Be careful about that.

Dark chocolate: We all know that dark chocolate is a good food for health. It helps us to reduce extra weight. But you don’t know one thing is dark chocolate contains caffeine. Caffeine makes us fresh for that we can’t have a good sleep.

Spicy Food

Spicy meal: When we eat spicy food our heart rates get faster. We get sweated. Our body temperature becomes so high. This spiciness makes us awake longer.

Don’t drink milk before sleep

Milk: Undoubtedly milk is an excellent food for our body. You should drink milk ¾ hours ago before getting into the bed.  Milk also create gas in your stomach.

Meat: Taking protein before sleep is harmful to our health. When you eat meat, your stomach starts to digest that immediately. That’s why you can’t take a perfect sleep.

Here are some foods for better sleep

Tuna: Tuna is full of vitamin B6. This vitamin helps us to make serotonin and melatonin.

Almond make your brain sharper

Almond: If you want to relax your body, you should eat almond. It is very high in magnesium which to help you to be relaxed.


Walnuts: They contain tryptophan which influences serotonin and melatonin which to help your normal body clock.

Cherry juice

Juice of Cherry: Cherry juice can help normally support it in the body and help avoid a sleeping disorder.

Ideally today you’ve learned some ways you can eat and drink your way to a decent evenings rest. Simply monitoring easily overlooked details for the duration of the day can highly affect your capacity to rest better every night.