Heart diseases can be removed for this health juice

This juice is very beneficial for heart.

A blockage of the arteries can be caused by a blood clot or the formation of plaque from high levels of cholesterol in the blood. Both of these conditions require intensive and sustained treatment to clear the blockage. The number of people who have high blood pressure, heart disease and bad cholesterol levels is increasing on a daily basis. This is a serious condition that is not easily detectable. However, experts believe it starts with damage or blocking to the inner layer of an artery.

There are numerous reasons why you are experiencing high levels of cholesterol.

Too much smoking


Poor diet

Lack of exercise


Large waist


However there are natural solutions which will help you fight these issues. Who can use this remedy? People who can’t afford By-pass surgery or can’t go for By-pass surgery can go for it.

Now see how it will help you

Prevention of repeated heart attacks

People diagnosis with heart blockage, heart disease

Suffering from constipation or ulcer

Weight loss

Cleanse your arteries

Reduce the bad cholesterol levels

Lower the high blood pressure

This juice contains very powerful and natural ingridiants which are extremely beneficial for better health condition so lets see what is waiting for us.


Ginger juice 250 ml

Garlic puree 250 ml

Lemon juice 250 ml

Apple cider vinegar 250 ml

Organic honey 2 cups

Let’s see the easily and powerful method:

Firstly you have to extract the juice from the ingredients. Now take all of the juice without honey. Then cook in a medium heat for 30 minutes. Finally add the honey. Store this in a clean bottle in the fridge.

How to drink?

Take one tablespoon this tonic in an empty stomach at every morning. You can also have one tablespoon in afternoon and night. You can store this mixture 1-2 months in fridge.

Garlic Health benefits:

Garlic is a medicine for your heart

Reduce blood pressure


Reduces cholesterol

Reduce weight

Protect our skin

Treats respiratory problems

Reduce sugar level

Ginger health benefits:

Ginger increases blood flow.

Preventing and curing heart diseases

Increase blood flow

Reduces weight

Increase energy

Good for cold and cough

Lemon health benefits:

Lemon helps to loss your weight.

Regulates heartbeat

Helps in proper functioning of heart

Reduce weight

Apple cider vinegar health benefits:


Remove toxins from body

Contains healthy minerals like potassium

Contain vitamins and enzyme

Honey health benefits:

Try to use organic honey

Reduce cholesterol

Fights bacteria

Energize body


Reduce risk of cancer and heart diseases

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