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Mahmooda wins NASA Goddard Innovator award


NASA look into design Mahmooda Sultana has been named the 2017 “IRAD Innovator of the Year,” an honor offered every year on the individuals who accomplish noteworthy outcomes making advancements under the Goddard Space Flight Center’s Internal Research and Development, or IRAD, program.

Sultana got the honor for her pivotal work progressing nanomaterial’s and procedures to make little, conceivably progressive locators and gadgets for use in space. Mahmooda stated: “When I came to Nasa Goddard in 2010, nobody at the middle was doing significant work on grapheme. I needed to investigate what graphene brought to the table for space applications.”

The yearly reward is exhibited by NASA Goddard’s Office of the Chief Technologist in Greenbelt, Maryland. The association supports and deals with the improvement of promising, conceivably achievement innovations that could propel the organization’s logical and investigation objectives and advantage others.

“Mahmooda has separated herself as a relentless, imaginative mastermind, inspiring practically everybody with her specialized sharpness and drive,” said Goddard Chief Technologist Peter Hughes in his declaration.

“In her moderately brief time here, she has effectively sought 10 grants under our IRAD program, aggregating an amazing rundown of achievements, including the making of cutting edge sensors for which a patent is pending,” he proceeded. “Maybe most outstanding is her rise as one of NASA’s specialists in nanotechnology. I can just envision what she’ll do later on. She epitomizes the very substance of development.”

Mahmooda celebrating the winning party.

She has additionally developed as one of Nasa’s specialists in nanotechnology. Mahmooda moved to California with her family as a youngster and earned a PhD in synthetic designing from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2010. She turned into the lead being developed of graphene-based edits – endeavors that prompted the recording of an as yet pending patent application – inside a couple of long stretches of joining Nasa.

Graphene is 200 times more grounded than auxiliary steel and exceptionally touchy and stable at outrageous temperatures. Right now, Mahmooda and her group are working together with MIT to build up a model imaging spectrometer.

She and her team currently are collaborating with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Quantum specks are a kind of semiconductor Nano crystal found in the mid-1980s. Imperceptible to the exposed eye, the dabs have demonstrated in testing to retain distinctive wavelengths of light contingent upon their size, shape, and substance structure. With her subsidizing, Sultana is attempting to create, qualify through warm vacuum and vibration tests, and show a 20-by-20 quantum-spot cluster delicate to unmistakable wavelengths expected to picture the Sun and the aurora. Mahmooda now speaks to Nasa on national and provincial nanotech chambers and is the beneficiary of numerous Nasa honors and respects. Her associate Goddard technologist Mary Li was brimming with commend for Mahmooda, saying she would go far in the Nasa condition. She has been as of late named the partner branch leader of Goddard’s Instrument/Payload Systems Engineering Branch.