Simple rules for being everyone’s favorite person


These days in our work, to be the universally adored individual, it’s not a big deal. There are a few hints and advice’s you can consider to be that individual. I have read about this subject on different online journals and attempted to rundown a few focuses and include more focuses I think they are vital. So lets see how to be a favorite person.


Altering your state of mind will make yourself simple to work with. So have a decent behave towards what you do and individuals you work with.


When you know your customers and partners great and know their objectives, needs. That will have a decent affinity with your associates.

Be funny

Make laugh everyone with your words.

If you go out for work with a gloomy face then don’t expect that anyone will give you the concern. You must be decent to everyone and keep smile to your friend faces.

Be kind

Kindness can make you one of the best.

Kindness, making other people feel comfortable, is very attractive. This behave can attract anyone. Being kind will not just make you favorite it will also make you a good person. If you think stylish talking or always make fun will make you one among many then it’s not working my dear. Try to be polite and humble and showcase your best side to people. Never lie to others about your qualities, this won’t work. Everyone loves polite person.

Response quickly

When anyone sends you an email or message try to respond quickly. It will make feel important to that person.

Being helpful

Try to help your friend at your best.

If you want to be unforgettable you have to be helpful. Don’t say that you can’t do that. If you can’t do those ask for others help but don’t let it go.


There is one myth, “If you respect anyone you will definitely get respect too”. So always respect every person. He can be younger than you or can be less educated than you but you must respect. For this valuable behave you can be anyone’s favorite person.

Be punctual

Most of us can’t reach in time. Don’t make anyone waited. It’s better to be waiting for anyone. You can’t imagine how wonderful it works!

Try to be positive

Say positive words to them.

Always motivate anyone positively. If anyone shares their problem to you then you should say the positive way for solving. He might not understand it that moment but after a while he will realize.

Don’t just say about you

If you always say about you anyone can be bored by talking with you. For being a friend you have to listen to others. Yes, you can share your experience. Who can be a good listener, can be a good friend.

Communication skill

Be cooperative.

Not for only being a favorite person but also for being selected in job sector you must be a good communicated person. Everyone likes a communicated person.

Be yourself

In every situation you have to be confident.

Be yourself, the most important thing you shouldn’t forget. You have to adopt some good habit. Be passionate and joyful. You should always let your heart out for making close persons of your life.