How to Style on Short Hair with a Hot Roller

Do you have short hair? And are you struggling for doing style with the hot roller on your short hair? Then you are in the best place, dear. Do you know it is not that tough to use the hot roller on short hair? You can do various styles with this heating tool — all you need just to read the article till the end. Hopefully, you will be significantly benefited at that time.

Prepare your hair

If you want to get a healthy, shiny and smooth stylish hair, take an appropriate amount of shampoo and conditioner to wash it out nicely. Remember that extreme uses of hair washing products are responsible for dull hair and irritated scalp.

You shouldn’t use heating accessories in unwashed hair. Why? Well, not only hot roller but other heating tools also don’t work well with dingy, dirty and unconditioned hair.

After washing always try to air-dry your hair. Though you have cropped hair, you have to dry hair completely before using a hot roller. Never use the rollers while your hair is wet.

Now you are ready for styling your hair. Let’s see how to do styling with a hot roller.

Hot roller for beachy hairstyle on short hair

For this hairstyle, you need four clips to hold the hair. In the beginning, you have to section your hair in 4 parts. Twist each part of your hair and make a bun. Use those four clips to hold the buns. As soon as all this are done your hot roller should be made hot between these times.

The beachy hairstyle looks good in short hair. Now roll up hair from the back part. Don’t ever use the heated roller in a rush or you may burn your skin. For beachy hairstyle, roll each small section straightway while the next one in the opposite way. That will help you to keep the curls separated and natural.

Using the hot roller on short curly hair

Use an anti-humidity spray on your hair before starting. If you want to make a wavier texture in your short curly hair, separate the hair. Now twist each part of your hair around your finger before using the hot roller. Through this process, you will get extra volume. Ensure one more thing that you have enough rollers to do the job.

Using the hot roller on frizzy hair

Styling with frizzy hair seems confusing to many girls. Actually, it is not that tough as you are thinking. You will get a polished shiny look by using hot rollers on your frizzy hair. The first step is to section your hair in the main three parts. The sections are, 1) 3 inches from the top of your head; 2) From one ear to another, and 3) Rest of the hair.

Use hairspray to spritz the root from section 1. Do this same thing with the rest of the parts. Roll downward each of the section with hot rollers and set them for 10 minutes. When the rollers are completely cool remove them and flip your hair up and down. Use your finger to separate the curls.

Making big bouncy short hair by hot rollers


For having big bouncy hair, you need to separate your hair in 3 sections and make three buns. It’s quite similar to the above style but the process is different. If your hair is too short, then this style is not possible. This style is applicable for shoulder length hair. Use three clips to hold the twisted hair buns. Now use hair roller from the back side of the hair. Each part should be 2 inches thick. Set the roller for 12 minutes. Now use anti-frizz serum to set the hair for long-lasting bouncy hair. As usual, use your finger to make a messy and bouncy looked hair.

Some valuable tips and tricks to maintain your styled short hair-


  • As you are short hairy a small amount of mousse or pomade is enough to make a shiny saloon looked hairstyle.
  • Use some beneficial hair product, such as anti-frizz serum to set the hair.
  • Use lightweight mousse to get an extra volume in your cropped hair.
  • Even if your hair is short, you should use heat protectant which will save your hair from heat damage.
  • Before purchasing a hot roller keep count in mind that the heated roller contains curl holder which is essential for short hair. You may often use clips for tightening.
  • It will be ok if some of your shorter layers underneath don’t get it into the curlers because they will be covered over by the top section.
  • Even you have to join the party in a hurry; you should ensure that the rollers are cooling completely.
  • Avoid brushing your hair; it will destroy your all these hard work. Run your fingers into your hair while you have removed all the rollers.

Final Verdict

Whereas you have short hair, you should check the back hair to ensure that you have done a perfect job, and you are successful.

Extreme usage of the hot roller may damage your hair as like other heating accessories and products. You need to be more responsible while rolling up or attaching the roller in the hair and this is also applicable to other heating tools. Follow the steps and use the hot roller. It can be your valuable tool for making saloon styled look at home.

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